The Inner Reaches of Outer Space

Your place to be in the Kosmos

"Sailing the waves of life comes naturally when you can read your inner compass. Sometimes however, you need a navigator or ferryman to get your bearings on the lighthouse of your soul's journey."
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Hi, my name is Xavier de Bode.

I am an astrologer, certified coach and graduated in the psychology of Carl Jung.

As a sailor I learned to navigate the stars. Sailing the elements is a beautiful metaphor for life. This insight led me to use the techniques of sailing and navigation in my practice and offer the possibility to combine both. My ship is my office. If you're up to it, we can go on a sailing trip. But we can also work in the safety of the harbour, have a walk or work on-line

Are you looking for the essence, the core of what your life is all about? It's an honour to travel along with you for a while...

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Bio Xavier de Bode

Astronautica Mission, Vision & What do I Offer

A moving Earth & Sky

Our current technocratic society is reaching its ethical and environmental limits. We expect more and more from ourselves and as such, we tend to behave as mass man, robots or copy-paste machines.

It is my personal mission that everybody should get a fair chance in taking responsibility and becoming a 'whole' human-being. This means having your feet firmly grounded, your heart warm, a clear mind, and above all, a free spirit.

My vision is that humans are able to come together in healthier ways of living, in an enchanted creative Kosmos. Being in tune, harmony and bliss with yourself, as well as in touch with 'the other' sister or brother from the same mother, the ever present origin.

Astrology and alchemy are the forbidden fruits on the tree of knowledge and wisdom. They were once highly respected as an art-science and philosophy, standing at the cradle of the Renaissance, but since rational scientism became the main paradigm it was often discarded as the 'gold standard of superstition'. Unfortunately, the child was thrown away with the bathwater.

The current spirit of time is fortunately opening-up again to include and synthesize the arts, natural sciences, psychology and mysticism. This makes us feel the need, maybe more than ever, to protect human qualities and values.

As the stars have always been beacons for practical navigation, the moving sky can make us conscious of life on this precious planet. Earthlings are becoming aware that we are participating in the unfolding story of an intelligent expanding universe, we are actually astronauts!

To support you on your path and individuation process, I offer a unique mix of integral psychology, based on the world’s perennial wisdom paths, western and eastern philosophy, mythology and cosmology. Inspired by the great psychologist and philosopher of the soul, Carl Gustav Jung, I combine the astrological mandala with the nautical compass rose, as one of the techniques to understand yourself better and navigate fluidly through daily life.

For me, coaching takes place between being and becoming, above time and space and beyond right or wrong.

Astronautical Practice

Welcome Aboard

I welcome you in the salon of my sailing ship or in an on-line meeting, we sit down with a cup of tea. We’ll investigate your situation in life. Subsequently, we'll focus on what you still want to get out of life and what life is asking of you at this very moment.

Looking at life as a dance, a journey and adventure, it is offering the opportunity to discover yourself, to be who you essentially are.

For some, a life destination implies a goal to be reached. The meaning of life can also imply to become aware of the (un)conscious processes in your life.

We localize the patterns and structures you experience on your path, and we'll be mapping them. This can be emotions, behaviours, thoughts, convictions or habits. Hurdles or obstacles experienced in interaction with others will be included too.

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What you are not, or not yet, conscious of can hold you back from living your own true life. We investigate your memories, dreams and reflections. You experience that it is possible to be in flow, to be at ease in every phase and moment of life. As a result, these issues at hand will dissolve and transcend on the way from friction to psychological wholeness.

"Because as by law of nature, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change... You stand with confidence behind the wheel and align the inner compass with your own true star. Then you get wings and at the same time you are carried by life. What you are looking for is the proces that is doing the looking, and you are the unique expression of that mystery."

Packages and prices

Coaching sessions

  • Single Coaching Session (60 min.)
  • Five Coaching Sessions Package (5 x 60 min.)
  • Ten Coaching Sessions Package (10 x 60 min)

Astrology Consultation Reading

  • Astrology Consultation Reading
    Consist of an intake of 30-45 minutes, the main reading will take 2.5 to 3 hour and an evaluation session of 30-45 minutes
  • Five Coaching & Astrology Package (5 sessions of 60 min.)
  • Ten Coaching & Astrology Package (10 sessions of 60 min.)

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Xavier de Bode

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